Feb 21, 2008

DVD收藏- Hellboy 地獄怪客

我一直是都有買DVD片的習慣,當次世代的DVD格式征戰中,我所支持的東芝HD DVD陣營落敗之後,更是決定要持續支持DVD,我想一時三刻之內DVD不會就死亡,再者,DVD正版片有可能降到更富親和力的價位。

After Toshiba failed in the so-called next generation DVD battlte, I made my mind to keep my DVD collection instead of Blu-ray format. In my opinion, DVD will not dead immediately and may drop its price when Blu-ray discs grow up.

I bought Hellboy(2 discs version) last weekend.

With a changeable image cover (a mousepad?)

Unexpectedly, I snapped the disc into two. Is it an omen symbolizing that DVD will soon disappear on the market? No way!

I’m going to change a new one.

“Hellboy” has been broadcast on AXN for a long time. The reason I bought this disc is that I’m into the characters—hellboy, Liz Sherman, etc. Actually, the protagonist, hellboy, is quite cute a guy with a big hand and a tail.

Plus, I found an astonishing fact that there are some similarities among the following pictures in addition to the special costumes.

地獄怪客中的人魚 Abe Sapien
Abe Sapien in “Hellboy”

The pale man in “Pan's Labyrinth”


三位都是同一位演員 Doug Jones演出,他在羊男的迷宮中,更是一人分飾兩角!這種白癡事實,大概只有我會去注意到吧,哈哈。

Three of them are played by Doug Jones. He even played two parts in Pan's Labyrinth. Maybe only I would notice such a trifle...

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